The Emmanuel College Trip by Chloe Millar!
On Tuesday the 8/05/18 the year 4 girls and boys went to Emmanuel College. We did Art, Lego, Science and Sport. In Art we made dragons with some paper that was sort of like a scratchy, except you used a toothpick to scrape off the black. Underneath was all different colours! That was fun!   Then we had snack which were cut up oranges. Yummy! After that we went to a room with computers,  but we didn’t use the computers, we made cars out of LEGO! In the lesson we made vehicles that can move like a car or motorbike. Once they were made we put them on a track and tested them. The car that went the furthest was a monster truck that Kalliopi and Nancy built.   After that we went to Science. In science we did two activities. First though, we needed to put on gloves and a special science coat. Then we got to do the fun bit! We got into pairs and the first thing was to put 4 smarties into a petri dish. The other experiment was with milk, lemon detergent and some food dye. They looked so cooooool!   Lastly we had P.E which was a game of soccer. There were two teams but the coloured team won. Then we shook hands and and got our bags and went and had hot-dogs for lunch...yum! Sadly the bus came back and we went home.   Thanks for a great day teachers!!   By Chloe Millar, Middle A
Socktober Socktober is an initiative of Catholic Mission, it is one way our school fundraises and engages in raising awareness during World Mission Month in October. The ‘sock it to something’ concept is an Australian expression that means to strike out at. We wanted to invite the rest of the school and school community to help us strike out at social issues, such as poverty, child labour, homelessness and lack of education. The Mini Vinnies spent the week hosting different activities and games that all helped to raise awareness and money. Activities included Sock Races, Sock Hunts, "How many socks you can fit on in one minute?", Toss the Sock and Stinky Dip. There was also a very successful Pet Sock Stall! The Mini Vinnies raised in excess of $330! What a brilliant effort from our kids!    
Book Week 2017
Book week is one of the favourite celebrations for the year. Children and Teachers a like love the opportunity to indulge in more reading for the week. As usual, the costumes for the Book Week Parade, inspired by children's favourite books or characters were very inventive and creative. The talent we have at this school is amazing!
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