Student Wellbeing
Wellbeing @ SMM

At St Margaret Mary’s, we believe that an individuals wellbeing is nurtured through experiences of belonging, building relationships with others, being accepted and valued and by being positively engaged in the community. We do this by:


  • Encouraging Positive Relationships: student-student, student-teacher, teacher- teacher, parent-teacher
  • Implementing Restorative Practices for conflict resolution
  • Involving students in social and emotional learning to encourage resilience and independence
  • Collaboratively implementing the Whole School Positive Behaviour Management
  • Generating Individual Learning Plans for students who require additional support or extension in their learning.
  • Organise regular Parent Support Group meetings to ensure we are providing ongoing and effective support for our students with special needs.
  • Ensuring a nurturing and enjoyable Buddy Program for Prep students
  • Running a Student Representative Council where students are elected by class members to represent them at meetings with the Religious Education Leader and Deputy Principal


Our School Rules

Our school rules and social expectations are vital in ensuring a healthy, happy school environment. All students, teachers and families are encouraged to learn our rules and social expectations so that they are implemented consistently across the school.

We believe our social expectations are the key to happy, supportive and resilient children.





Sun Smart

St Margaret Mary’s encourages all children, staff and families to be sun smart. We have a ‘NO HAT, NO PLAY’ policy from September to April.



Story Dogs at our School!

Our school is lucky to have a visiting Story Dog- Brenner. He comes in with his owner and listens to some of our children read.

The magic!

When children read to a dog, the outcomes are amazing! It is a non-judgemental setting, the children’s focus improves, their literacy skills increase and their confidence soars. The accepting, loving nature of dogs gives this program its magic and helps children relax, open up, try harder and have fun while reading to a friendly, calm dog

Learn about Story Dogs

Leah Sheldon and Janine Sigley formed the non-profit Story Dogs organisation in 2009 in Murwillumbah, NSW. At the time both Leah and Janine had primary school aged children. 
After seeing a similar program operating in the USA on the internet they decided Australia needed such a program. They came up with Story Dogs, based on the successful American literacy program, Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.), which was launched in 1999 in Utah, USA. R.E.A.D. was the first comprehensive literacy program built around the appealing idea of children and young adolescents reading to dogs.
Leah and Janine are both dog lovers and also passionate about children reaching their full potential.


Underpinning the objectives of our program is the knowledge that “students with reading difficulties find themselves in a cycle of almost unrelenting failure that ensures an ever-widening gap between them and fluent readers.” (Konza, 2006. p. 152).
They first trialled the program in 2009 in their own children’s school, Murwillumbah East Public School, even though the Principal and others were unsure how successful it would be. 
To the Principal’s surprise, Story Dogs was very successful, with great improvements noticed in the participating students. There was positive feedback from the students, the teachers, the principal and the parents.
From there, Story Dogs expanded and has continued to grow and help all of Australia.