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11 August 2017 Bread Making for Holy Eucharist The word 'communion' means to be united with; Catholics believe that in Holy Communion we are united in a special way with Jesus Christ. At his last supper, Jesus said of the bread that he shared among his followers, "Take and eat, this is my body." When we receive Holy Communion, Catholics believe that in a mysterious way we are sharing in the body and blood of Christ. In our Middle classes we made bread together in preparation of  Holy Eucharist. Here's Wynter's recount... "Suddenly before my eyes, rolls the colour of sunshine and marigolds. I was immediately so tempted to just pick one up and take a MASSIVE chomp. They looked so delicious! We couldn’t wait! But finally it was time for the taste test. I picked one up, put some butter on it and...“AMAZING!” I screamed. They were absolutely perfect! I never had a better roll in my life! They were soft and tangy and definitely worth the hard work!" Read More
01 November 2016 Middles Camp- Phillip Island As we hopped onto the bus, I thought it would be a quick ride down to Phillip Island.  I was right!  The time flew by and we arrived at our lunch destination.  The next two days were as challenging and exciting  as watching a tightrope walker at the circus.  My favourite activity was the low ropes.  You really had to use your body strength and my brain also got a hhhuuuugggeee workout!  The trip home was as quick as the trip to Phillip Island.  I was excited to get back back to see my family, especially my dogs! By Noah McGee   The Tremendous... Giant Swing!   Here are some of our thoughts and feelings about the Giant Swing…   “I was at the top of the Giant Swing, eyes shut, about to pull the green string and OFF I WENT!”   “As I pulled the green string, I felt like I was falling off a cliff. I felt a JOLT as I was swinging in the cool breeze.”   “As I dropped, I started crying as if I couldn’t breathe. When the swing stopped, I felt much better.”   “As I got off the swing, I felt sad because that was my last go. :(   “I hope that you enjoyed our experience on the Giant Swing!” :) By Isabella Maybin and Jade Scolaro Read More
07 September 2016 Clifford the Big Red Dog We were lucky to have Clifford the Big Red Dog as part of our Book Week Celebrations.  The children and their siblings were excited to see him in our yard. Read More
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